MeteorCNC: 3M Series Wood working CNC DSP Controller

3 axis CNC Router Controller with HandHeld for Router Machine.


MeteorCNC-3M series controller is a 3-axis  CNC router Controller operated with handheld having three high speed  differential pulses & directions  outputs upto 500khz  each. Mainly 3 axis are considered as X axis, Y axis and Z axis with high speed spindle used for cutting the material. X and Y axis making plane of the surface of the material and Z axis makes depth in cutting direction. CNC DSP controller comes with 128×64 pixels graphics LCD with keypad with various symbols and shortcuts which gives aesthetically looking perfect and making the self explanatory to the user.


CNC router controller is  having inbuilt  MPG in the handheld for ease of jogging individual axes with different range selection facility from the handheld, isolated  NPN IOs protection is  provided from any electronics surge. Controller has facility to control spindle using 0-10v analog output OR multispeed functionality with 3 digital outputs conncted to VFD to controler the spindle speeds. CNC router controller comes with simplified graphics user interface which helps user to setup and configure the whole machine with very minimal time. We are providing very unique feature called ONLINE DIPPING functionality where user can adjust the depth of the cutting job without stopping the program and without disturbing the work piece saving lots of time and material.


CNC Router controller is best  suitable for the wood working router machines, milling & engraving applications, metal engraving machines, stone cutting / engraving machines etc.

Hardware Specifications
No.of axis 3
Axis Name X , Y , Z
Number of Inputs 15 Isolated NPN
No. of Outputs 8 Isolated NPN
Spindle  0-10v Analog Output & NPN multistep


  1. Breakpoint Restore Functionality is available
  2. Online Dipping Available.
  3. MPG is  available on Remote.
  4. The file can be transferred by using USB as well as over the network.
  5. Internal Storage upto 1GB for program files.
  6. Providing a total of 9 work co-ordinate systems.
  7. Supporting ISO Standards rs274d G codes & M codes.
  8. Easy To  Install.




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