Autem-X4, CNC Controller for metal cutting and engraving machine


Autemx4 is CNC Controller with a simplified & easy touch screen user interface with EtherCAT bus AND/OR high-speed pulse & direction output with high-speed encoder feedback.


Autem-X4 is Linux system with a simplified & easy touch screen user interface with EtherCAT bus AND/OR high-speed pulse & direction output with high-speed encoder feedback.


Autem-X4 is a 3 axis / 4 axis standalone CNC Controller with 10.1″ multi touch screen, machine operating panel, keypad for the value entry. It support EtherCAT as well as high speed up to 6Mhz differential pulse and direction outputs and high speed encoder feedback inputs for each axis making it close loop controller. Autem controller comes with inbuilt software PLC which can be programmed by the user configuring additional inputs and outputs using ladder programming as per user requirements. Panel mounting method for the controller give appealing look when user with heavy machines.


Touch user interface is designed with keeping in mind of operators perspective of operating the machine providing various software tools ease of work. JOG, MDI, AUTO modes with switching interface as per mode selected, 3D wire mesh toolpath simulation helps operator to see the actual job prior to start cutting and gives alarm if any machine movement is going to violate the machine boundaries. Self guided user interface helps user to setup any job easily with calculating the edge based as well as center based machine zero and job zero. MOP keypad provides various buttons for jogging individual axis and feer override switch provides control over the speed of the all axes while staring the job or in between running machine.


User space is available as per requirements in GBs which helps to store large number of programs. Drag and drop feature for file transfer over USB disks, diagnostic view helps operator debug various alarms and status of the machine. Controller supports various compensation methods to overcome the minor mechanical errors like backlash compensation, bi directional pitch error compensation using laser calibration providing accuracy in microns at the machine level.


Best suitable for VMC, HMC, Turning Centers, Metal Engraving, Pattern-making machines, Stone cutting machine etc.

Hardware Specifications
No.of axis 4
Axis Name X , Y , Z , 4th
Inputs 16 DI and expandble
Outputs 8 DO
External Encoder Differential Encoder Facility for remote MPG Spindle Encoder facility
Spindle  Operation 0-10v Analog Output


  1. Expandable IO supported.
  2. Remote IO cards with 48 inputs, 32 outputs & high-speed quadrature encoder interface for spindle & secondary axes encoder.
  3. Power Outage Safety & No moving parts.
  4. User-programmable PLC with easy-to-use ladder paradigm for OEM settings.
  5. Timers & high-speed counters for encoder interface.
  6.  ISO standard (rs274D)G-codes & M-codes supported.
  7. 2.5D onboard CAM for dxf ,plt & HPGL
  8. Programmable base coordinate offsets




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